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Professionals in handpainting kitchens

If you are thinking of a kitchen makeover, we have been painting and repainting kitchens, utility rooms and all kinds of fitted furniture for over 15 years. We have mastered our paint finish, process and application to give the best end results for our customers.

Therefore we will only use our own paint when painting a kitchen for a customer, we have our own colour palette for you to choose from, however for an extra cost we can colour match.

We believe in repurposing and modernising, and by painting an existing wooden kitchen or repainting an existing painted kitchen, you can completely transform your space. This service that we offer, is one that we find extremely popular and within our business we really try to ensure that our clients feel that their project has taken on every aspect that it can to help turn it into the customers dream kitchen!

Dependant on your kitchen furniture, we would come to site and take a quick survey to talk through your colour requirements etc. As well as painting the kitchen, we do often change customers handles, hinges. We can source samples and guide your kitchen through the complete process. 



Tidying up Lower areas and higher traffic: Plinths, Dishwashers, Bins, Frames. Customers Existing Paint.
Freshen Up


Same colour repaint of kitchen: All units, Plinths, Cornice, etc but only fronts of drawers and doors.


Description: Complete repaint of kitchen, existing painted or unpainted wooden: All units, Plinths, Cornice, etc fronts and backs of drawers and doors.
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